Microwave Road scholarship for 2018 best master’s theses

Microwave road awarded scholarships for best master’s theses within “Antenna and microwave technology” written during 2018. The price ceremony took place during the Microwave Event “Electromagnetic simulations” at Chalmers, and since the committee received so many strong nominations they decided to award four master’s theses.

Martin Anderberg, “Design of a 183 GHz Subharmonic Mixer Using Membrane Integrated GaAs Schottky Diode Technology”.

Lowisa Hanning, “Pulse Shaping of Radar Transmitters Compensation of Memory Effects through Digital Pre-distortion”.

Rikard Reinhagen, “The technical feasibility of providing passenger Wi-Fi with 60 GHz WiGig networks on board trains”.

Frida Strömbeck, “Energy Efficient High Data Rate RF-DAC based PAM Modulator – A MMIC solution using an InP-based DHBT-process at Millimeterwave Band”.

Picture showing Martin, Rikard, Lowisa and Frida who just received their diplomas from Microwave Road chair Johan Carlert. In addition to the diploma each winner receives 10 000 sek.