Microwave Road scholarship for 2019 best master’s theses

Microwave road awarded scholarships for best master’s theses within “Antenna and microwave technology” written during 2019. The price ceremony took place during the annual members meeting, and since the committee received so many strong nominations they decided to award four master’s theses. In addition to the diploma each winner receives 10 000 sek. Congratulations to:

Lise Aabel – ”Realization of a 1-bit RF reciever”

Sara Catteau – ”Design of a mm-Wave Plane Wave Generating Antenna Array for 5G Device Testing”

Henrik Helmius – ”Method for evaluating vehicular antennas in reverberation chambers”

Herman Mikkelsen Ylander – ”Alternative Tehnologies for providing Voice Services on-board Trains”

(The usual picture of winners is missing since the event was partly digital due to social distancing rules )