Microwave Road Event – Galileo GNSS Positioning

Microwave Road is hosting an online event with focus on Galileo and GNSS Positioning the 11th of May 2021, 16:00-17:15 (CEST). Guest speakers from RUAG and the European Space Agency (ESA) will attend. The event will finish with a ceremony for Microwave Roads Scholarship for best master’s thesis projects within antenna and microwave engineering, including […]

Microwave Road scholarship for 2018 best master’s theses

Microwave road awarded scholarships for best master’s theses within “Antenna and microwave technology” written during 2018. The price ceremony took place during the Microwave Event “Electromagnetic simulations” at Chalmers, and since the committee received so many strong nominations they decided to award four master’s theses. Martin Anderberg, “Design of a 183 GHz Subharmonic Mixer Using […]

Ida Kläppevik and Johan Bremer awarded for best master’s theses

Ida Kläppevik and Johan Bremer have been awarded with the Microwave Road Scholarship for best master’s thesis 2017, in the area of antenna and microwave engineering. Ida Kläppevik gets the award of 10 000 SEK and a diploma for her thesis “Analysis, construction and evaluation of radial power divider/combiner”. Johan Bremer is awarded for his thesis “Compensation of thermal effects […]